Pokemon Fan Quiz

This shows how much a fan you are of Pokemon. Good luck. The outcomes are PokeHater, Playa, (lowest) Fanboy (fifth best), Medium fan (fourth best), Hardcore fan (third best), Freak (second best), and Hardcore Freak (best).

Are you a big fan of Pokemon? Do you really dislike it? You can find out those and other big questions' answers with this awesome, amazing, super-cool, fan-testing Pokemon fan quiz. See you at the results!

Created by: Parukia
  1. How many Pokemon are there?
  2. What were the Sinnoh starters originally going to be?
  3. What are the final evolved forms of the Kanto starters
  4. How many starters are there so far total?
  5. Which ones are real hacking devices?
  6. Why'd you take this?
  7. Is Deoxys considered Uber?
  8. What will the name be for the third D/P series game be?
  9. What do Red Blue and Yellow versions have more of than any others?
  10. What is Pokemon short for?

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