A Quiz About Road Safety - Xx-cinderelllao9-xx

There are so many accidents on the roads. Do the quiz to see how much road sense you have. Challenge your family and friends to see if you are all road aware.

Answer the questions to see how road aware you are, good luck. After you have finished the quiz you will get a score to let you know how good you are.

Created by: lucinda
  1. Who is it safest to walk to school with?
  2. When can you start walking across the road at the traffic signals?
  3. Where should you look before you cross the road?
  4. Where is the safest place to cross the road?
  5. What is the most dangerous way to cross the road?
  6. When do you have to wear a helmet when you�re riding a bicycle on the road?
  7. What must you do before crossing the road?
  8. Where do most child pedestrian accidents happen?
  9. How many people are killed when hit by a car travelling at 40 mph?
  10. What should you always wear when riding your bike?
  11. At night cyclist should use.

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