Jaclyn S...what? Woods

You can't come visit me without knowing who I am and what i'm doing! So how much do you know? Actually, this quiz is a requirement. If you get less than a fifty percent you are banned from any graduation concerning me. So really think about each answer and click carefully. Really, I get a look at these answers. Honestly, I will set up road blocks. Road blocks, but I will still love you.

Since we have the time, I think that a story here would serve to better illuminate why a quiz in necessary to determine if you are allowed to come to my graduation. So, there was this girl...lets call her Jamie. Jamie was graduating from high school and she invited her family to the ceremony. After the ceremony, they all went out to dinner but they had nothing to talk about, because none of her family knew what she had been up to in school. So take the quiz and some notes....we will talk about this later!

Created by: Jaclyn Woods

  1. What is my Major?
  2. How many years have I been in college?
  3. How do you spell my middle name?
  4. CSUMB makes us take 4 semesters of a language. What language did I take at CSUMB?
  5. What country did I travel to for my capstone?
  6. Why did I go to Monterey?
  7. How old is CSUMB?
  8. What is our mascott?
  9. How do I make money???
  10. What am I going after CSUMB?

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