Jaclyn's World of Fun

Who really knows Jaclyn? Does she know herself? How well do you guys know her? Who are her true friends. This quiz will let her know...blah blah blah blah

Do you have the brainpower to sustain being my friend? Especially when I sing the wrong words to songs? LOL...blah blah blah...no patients! dksjlf jksajdl jxskajda

Created by: Jaclyn

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  1. Where is Jaclyn's summer home located?
  2. What diet is Jaclyn starting to try?
  3. What is the name of the Jaclyn's friend whom she has a date with? (No cheating on mysp)
  4. What is Jaclyn's new obsession?
  5. Which guy in work does everyone think Jaclyn likes?
  6. Who is Jaclyn's new friend in work she talks to for advice?
  7. What class did Jaclyn get an A in even though she hated it?
  8. What are Jaclyn and Kim fighting about?
  9. What is Jaclyn's hot neighbors name?
  10. Where is Jaclyn going on her date?

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