Football - World Cup 2006

The World Cup 2006 was full of great goals, results, incidents and players. Test your knowledge on the last World Cup and see if you can get all the questions right.

There are just 10 of them, ranging from easy to hard, but if you're missing the World Cup already this is the perfect alternative until the next one in 2010.

Created by: Phoenix499
  1. Who ended up 3rd in the competition?
  2. In what city was the final held at?
  3. Who was the only team from Africa to get past the group stages?
  4. What was the score in the opening game of the competition between Germany and Costa Rica?
  5. Who, out of the following, qualified for the Second Round of the competition?
  6. In what is commonly described as one of the most boring games of the competition, who did Ukraine beat to gain a place in the Quarter Finals?
  7. Who was the Golden Boot Winner because he scored the most goals in the competition?
  8. Who was the only Englishman to be in the All Star Team selected by FIFA's Technical Stuy Group?
  9. Which player did Graham Poll award three yellow cards in the Croatia v Australia match?
  10. Argentina beat which team 6-0?

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