How do you see the world?

Every one sees the world in different ways. The question we now want to answer is, how do you as a person see the world? Are you one of those people that tends to see the worl through shades of grey, or do you see it in only black and white? Take this quiz to find out.

I'm sure you all think you know how you see the world, but there's that word, think. So now, why don't you find out for sure, so you can erase that think and replace it with a know.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
A girl shot/killed her boyfriend because he abused her. She is found innocent in court. Your thoughts?
That's wrong! She shot somebody!!! She should go to jail!
Good. He deserved to be shot.
It's good she didn't go to jail, but she should have dealt with the situation differently.
She should at least get a little bit punished, i mean, sure, her boyfriend deserved to go to jail or something, but nobody deserves to die.
A dog attacked someone. The dog should...
be put down. You can't have dogs attacking people!
they should see if the person was provoking the dog! If they weren't then put the dog into obiedience school.
You see your partner kissing another person, you...
stab them for huting you like that!! Then bring them back to life and kill them again!
confront them, you know what you saw, but still, there must be some explanation right?
Your best friend is going out with the person you like a day after you told them you...
beat them up/never talk to them again, and go after the person you like, telling them everything bad you can remember about your now x-friend
tell yourself it's okay, if the person you liked liked you back they wouldn't have gone out with your friend.
How do you think you see the world?
black and white
Now ask someone who is in the same room as you. Do you tend to see the world in black and white or in greys (yes i know i asked this already but the answer may not be the same)
black and white
You find people that are different than you...
wierd and stupid
are just that...different from me, what's your point?
When in an arguement, your view is...
always right, the other person is just to stupid to see that...
what it is, aometimes i'm right, sometimes i'm wrong
You find people annoying when...
they jump to conclusions and even when proven wrong they think that they are right
they flip from from side to side and aren't williing to take a side
What result do you want to get?
black and white

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