Dark Hunter Triva

Hey all This one was seriously fun to put together. As you are all aware we here at BAM are all about our love for the everything Hunteriffic so it seemed fitting that we put up a quiz of our own on myspace.

Are you addicted enough to compete? to test your mettle? To find out if your as bonifiable as I am? Well step up to the plate and bat! See you on the other side amigos!

Created by: rangimarie of BAM
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  1. Who is the Atlantean Goddess of Love?
  2. Who said.."She's a camcorder, too. How convenient?"
  3. V'Aiden is the hero of which story?
  4. Who said.."Human huh? Im really sorry for you"
  5. The fate Clotho is also known as?
  6. True or Faulse... Dark hunters swear to honor Acheron?
  7. True or False... Daimons can be re-animated by loved ones if granted permission?
  8. True or False... There are 9 daughters of the Deveraux family tree?
  9. Who did ash warn to hide his coat?
  10. What kind of float did Dionysus use to run over Talon?
  11. Who is Simi talking to? "Don't you want Simi to be your family?"
  12. Who said... "the'yre lip locked like two horny teenagers?"
  13. Name which one of the following has never held a seat on the Omegrion Council?
  14. True or False... Weres have 3 and a half weeks to mate or they become impotent?
  15. "Food is no substitute of sex." Who said it?
  16. Who is 'Mr. Hot Bottom'? by Sunshine
  17. "You rang a few hundred times while I was gone?". Who said it?
  18. "My word is gold." To whom was it directed to?
  19. What referred Maggie as Ms. Preppy Uptight Sloan Ranger?
  20. In the short story Fear of Darkness, What did the taxi driver say when dropping Nick at his house?
  21. Who called Daimons "nasty bloodsucking rats"?
  22. Which one of these does not belong?
  23. Which Were does not belong?
  24. Whos motto is..."Its good to be queen?"

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