Dark Hunter Trivia

Hey there, This quiz is a little more lateral than others, but all the questions pertain to the AG's many sites. No cheating mind you, if you get a low score go off study and come back to play again

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Created by: rangimarie of B.A.M
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  1. Who is the Atlantean Goddess of Love
  2. Who said it? "She's a camcorder, too. How convinient?"
  3. Pick the odd one out...
  4. V'Aiden is the hero of which Story?
  5. . True of false... There are 9 daughters of the Deveraux family tree?
  6. . The fate Clotho is also known as?
  7. Who said it?... "Human huh? Im real sorry for you"
  8. Who is does Sunshine call "Mr Hotbottom"?
  9. Pick the odd one out...
  10. What is the name of the Cult, where Apollites who take an oath to die as the Apollo cursed them to die?
  11. True or False... Dark Hunters swear to honor Acheron?
  12. What kind of float did Dionysus use to run over Talon?
  13. Who is Simi talking to? "Don't you want Simi to be your family?"
  14. Pick the odd one out...
  15. What does the term M'igos mean?
  16. Who said?.... "I'm dead and I just want to be left alone!"
  17. True or false?.... Doulos are human servants who serve Apollo!
  18. Whos motto is "Its good to be queen"
  19. Who said it?... "they're lip locked like two horny teenagers?"
  20. Pick the odd one out..
  21. True or False.."bolt holes open at anytime for Daimons to use?"
  22. Who said it?..."No one calls her b---- and lives!"
  23. Who said it? "Food is no substitute of sex."
  24. who said it? "You rang a few hundred times while I was gone?"
  25. Who referred Maggie as Ms. Preppy Uptight Sloan Ranger?
  26. Pick the Odd one out
  27. Who did Ash warn to hide his coat?

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