how Baltimore is you?

Every city feels like they have the most to offer and has it's own personality. The people in this city are what makes it so. This quiz lets you find out whether or not you know enough to say you have witnessed the greatness of Baltimore and are a part of that greatness.

Baltimore and her children are one of the most unique, diverse and entertaining spots on the planet. It has the charm and quaintness of an unpretentious town with the culture and diversity of a big city. Do you know enough about one of the greatest places on the planet?

Created by: anissa
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  1. At one point in your life have you worked in the Inner Harbor and/or Harborplace?
  2. You are from which of the following:
  3. You have lived in how many sections of B-more?
  4. How many Markets have you been to and supported? ex. Lexington, Hollins, Broadway etc.
  5. You know wat an Arabber is and you have bought somethin from em...
  6. You have eatin coddies, soft shell crabs, padded oysters and/or Ostrowski's sausages. You can pick crabs like nobody's biznuss and have washed it down with a Natty in a can.
  7. I have been to a festival or just chilled at Patterson Park, Druid Hill park, Wyman Park, Fort McHenry, Carroll Park etc etc
  8. Some one has commented on your "accent" and asked you where you were from....
  9. You have been to the block.
  10. I have moved to Baltimore and away and yet I still always wind up back livin there! Ever notice that?
  11. You can name AT LEAST 5 musicians from any era who were born and/or raised in Baltimore.
  12. You have read a Sun, Afro-American, Jewish Times, City Paper and Baltimore Guide at least once.
  13. How many John Water's movies have you seen?

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