How Baltimore are you?

Though it is not the capitol of Maryland many consider Baltimore to be one of the best attractions in the state. With all it's grandure and wonderful sights, like those at the Inner Harbor, it is really the people that make Baltimore such a diverse and wonderful city.

Are You a Baltimorean? Do you have the knowledge to qualify yourself as a true citizen of this wonderful city? Take this simple quiz and find out if you are or if you are not.

Created by: Shaneka
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  1. Have you ever heard the terms "ball-da-mor" or "bal-la-merr"?
  2. "Murllin" or "Merlin" or "Meryl-lend"
  3. Soda
  4. West side, East side
  5. Druid Hill
  6. Black, White, and Orange
  7. "dug"
  8. Lexington Market
  9. What you do when a bus is trying to get over...
  10. MTA
  11. Pay then pump or pump then pay?
  12. Where do you buy fake hair?
  13. Washington DC

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Quiz topic: How Baltimore am I?