Which Somewhere In Baltimore Character are you?

Everybody who has seen 'Somewhere In Baltimore' has a favorite character (and possibly even a least favorite). You know who your favorite is, but do you know who you are really most like? Take this quiz and find out!

You may have felt a certain type of way towards Linus, but is it because you relate to him on deeper level? How about your feelings towards Marshall or Elle?

Created by: Andrew Campbell
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  1. An ideal evening for you would be:
  2. When it comes to friends, which do you prefer:
  3. You're thrown into a large room full of strangers:
  4. Your favorite dark pleasure is:
  5. When you have your mind set, you:
  6. You've worked all week and now it's finally Friday, what are you going to do tonight:
  7. You see a lost dog wondering the streets, what do you do:
  8. What kind of friend are you:
  9. What kind of personality do you have:
  10. Who's needs do you put first:

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Quiz topic: Which Somewhere In Baltimore Character am I?