what villan are you

many people think they are bad @$$ but villans are tottaly bad@$$es so see what kind of total bad@$$ you are with this quiz ( its between dr doom the joker sandman and venom)

so are you ready to find out what famous super villan you are most like after this quiz you can be all like yaaa im sandman beotches and just brag all day about how cool you are for being like that super villan.

Created by: anthony

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  1. do you like spiders??
  2. would you rather sneak up on something or smash it with brute force
  3. do you like watching thunderstorms?
  4. do you like to play in sand like the beach??
  5. are you smart??
  6. are you liking this quiz
  7. would you rather use poisen to kill someone or outwit them or smash them or kill them with range out of harm
  8. if someone punched you what would you do
  9. would you say your more like a monkey a bear a dolphin a animal that shoots lightning...(lol)
  10. **last question** would you rather kill innocents or destroy superheroes

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Quiz topic: What villan am I