Andy Griffith Show Quiz for Die Hard Fans

Welcome to Mayberry. Let's go back in time, to the 1960's, the black and white (and some color) TV. Test your knowledge of one of the most popular, and rerun, shows to ever air.

This quiz is not for the casual Andy Griffith viewer. It is aimed at those of us who perhaps grew up with the show, or at least watch it on reruns every chance we get!

Created by: T. Walker
  1. Over the course of the series, how many different middle initials does Barney have?
  2. What is Goober's original last name?
  3. How many episodes does Ernest T. Bass appear in?
  4. What is the only line ever spoken by Mr. Schamp?
  5. What is Andy's middle name?
  6. What are the names of the 2 county nurses who appear on the show?
  7. What is the name of the real-life bluegrass band whose members portray the Darlings?
  8. How did Opie's mother die?
  9. What is the name of the show's theme song?
  10. What instrument does Floyd the Barber's son play?
  11. What is Ron Howard's brother's first name?
  12. Who does Ron Howard's brother play on the show?
  13. What actor played the man on trial while Aunt Bea sits on the jury?
  14. What is the name of the store clerk who threatens to break every bone in Barney's body for giving him a ticket for littering?
  15. Who is the voice of singer Leonard Blush?
  16. What is the name of Andy and Opie's housekeeper who leaves on her honeymoon on episode one?
  17. Who played The Manicurist?
  18. How many different roles does actor Allan Melvin play over the course of the series?
  19. What is Juanita the Waitress's last name?
  20. Who burns down Jubal Foster's barn?
  21. Who wins the town's singing tryouts that Barney enters?
  22. On episode one, what is Andy doing when Barney reports to him with an important message?
  23. How long has the Wakefield-Carter Feud been going on?
  24. While Andy is away for eight hours, who does Barney arrest?
  25. How many years in a row has Clara won the blue ribbon in the town pickle show?
  26. How much money is thought to be owed Frank Myers by the town of Mayberry?
  27. According to Barney, what animal is prone to being struck by lightening?
  28. What friend of Andy's invites Andy and Barney to visit the Esquire Club?
  29. When Raef Hollister turns himself in for moonshining, what does he say is ailing his wife?
  30. What does Opie tell Andy that Big Jeff Pruitt is doing on the street corner?
  31. What criminal nickname does Barney give himself while locked in a cell with the criminal Malloy?
  32. What event does Opie enter at the town Boy's Day?
  33. What songbook selection does Barney continually ruin after he joins the town quire?
  34. What does Andy buy from Bert, the non-pushy travelling salesman?
  35. Where do the Gordon Boys operate their still?
  36. Whose cabin are Barney and Floyd held captive in by three female escaped convicts?
  37. What is the Loaded Goat's name?
  38. What years did Andy and Barney graduate from high school?
  39. What was Opie's first wish after being granted three wishes by Barney's magic deck of cards?
  40. While a guest at Andy's house, what animal does Gomer sing about late one night?
  41. After Gomer makes a citizen's arrest, how much is Barney's fine?
  42. Why do Barney and Gomer come by Andy's house while Andy is on vacation?
  43. What name does Barney assume when he and Gomer attempt to scam The Miracle Salve Company?
  44. Who does Goober accuse of always speeding?
  45. At what kind of event was Otis first arrested for intoxication, back in 1941?
  46. What was Don Knott's final black and white episode, in 1965?
  47. What item does Newton Monroe sell Floyd?
  48. Who sends Barney a chain letter?
  49. Why does Ernest T. Bass want to join the Army?
  50. Who turns out to be the descent of Revolutionary war hero Nathan Tibbs?

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