How much of a Bee Gees fan are you?

The Bee Gees were a popular band in the 1960's and 1970's. Originally, there were four of them: Barry, Maurice, Robin, and Andy. Sadly, three of them are no longer on this Earth. Andy died the earliest.

Robin died of pneumonia in 2012, and Maurice of complications during an operation in 2003. Barry is now the only living Bee Gee. He has said he wants to die whilst singing Stayin' Alive on stage! I don't blame you, man!

Created by: Danielle
  1. Here's the most important bit. Have you heard of The Bee Gees?
  2. Who is your favourite Bee Gee?
  3. What sort of music do you prefer to listen to?
  4. Your dream date is...
  5. When did you first hear about The Bee Gees?
  6. If you saw Robin Gibb looking at you from across the road, you would...
  7. How do you feel about the deaths of Maurice and Robin?
  8. If you could date any of them, you'd pick...
  9. What made you have a shot at this quiz?
  10. Your favourite Bee Gees hit is...
  11. Have you given sincere answers? (Inconsistent answers will muck up the results.)

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Quiz topic: How much of a Bee Gees fan am I?