Brownies or pie?

Hey people of earth! How are you? This quiz is deciding what I should make, pie or brownies for my sleepover. Please leave a comment on which you picked and why, if you want. Thanks.

This quiz is really fun for a game like would you rather... Ira just like that without the grossness. Nothing bad fare teemed! Garenteed! Gees!

Created by: Hopie12
  1. Which do u like better? ( this goes for all of the quiz. No wrong answer.) Brownies or Lemon meringue pie?
  2. Mayo or mustard
  3. Pizza or burgers?
  4. Doughnuts or chocolate?
  5. Lace or ruffles?
  6. French fries or potato chips?
  7. Yahoo or Google?
  8. Ears or eyes?
  9. Hammer or nails?
  10. Cat or dog?

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