How much common sense do you have?

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Helllo! Common sense is the only thing keeping people from running off cliffs and unknowingly eating special brownies! Let's hope you pass this, or you're going to be in some trouble later on.

Hiya!!!! Common sense is the one and only thing keeping people from unknowingly eating special brownies and running off cliffs! Let's hope you pass this.

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  1. You're done charging your phone,what do you do with the charger?
  2. A guy/girl you know at a party is offering you a brownie, do you take it?
  3. You are dared to stick your finger into the outlet, do you?
  4. You and your friend are bungee jumping, you notice the cord is a little worn out. Do you still jump?
  5. Where do you keep your hair dryer? (If you don't have one, where would you keep it if you did?
  6. Some creeper asks to give you a ride in his hot white van. Do you accept?
  7. Do you even know what common sense means?
  8. Do you think you have a lot of common sense?
  9. Would you go biking when there is ice on the road?
  10. Do you think it is important to have common sense?

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Quiz topic: How much common sense do I have?