THe OnlY gOod QUiZ

There are few people who can get 100% on this quiz! It's pretty hard, but mostly because it doesn't make any sense whatsoever! Unless you use your common sense & maybe some prior knowledge!

Are you smarticle? You could find out in a matter of about 104 seconds, it's just that easy! SO take that long, because i'm sure u have that much time if your even on this website taking quizzes! Good luck!

Created by: Madi

  1. If train one leaves at 7am, when does train B fly to australia?
  2. If Haley buys $4 worth of makeup and $9 worth of hair products, who asks her out?
  3. Alana's mom has 3 daughters and one son, so how many kids does she have (not including the 3 daughters)?
  4. Where does the U fit into the word "unicorn"?
  5. Is this the last question?
  6. If Barnie the clown scared 4 kids, how many people did he entertain?
  7. If Tony graduated in 1986, when did his twin sister Tawni graduate?
  8. Which of the following is a state?
  9. Pick the prettiest color:
  10. How do you spell 'Question'?

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