Are you a white or pink candy unicorn?!

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You may be a unicorn, you may not. It does not matter if you are not, this quiz will calculate what unicorn you would be if you were one. All unicorns welcome, especially.

Who doesn't like candy? No one, right? Of course, we all have our individual tastes, but there's a candy for everyone. Well, have you ever wondered what candy matches your personality best?

Created by: amazon

  1. Ice cream or candy?
  2. Snow or sunset
  3. Marshmallows or cotton candy
  4. How much candy do you eat?
  5. Clouds or flowers
  6. Are you sweet
  7. Do you like sugar
  8. How many cupcakes would you eat
  9. Bunnies or snow
  10. Choose which to be!

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Quiz topic: Am I a white or pink candy unicorn?!