What type of Unicorn are you?!

A Unicorn, so wonderful, have you ever thought about being a Unicorn? And kind you would be? I always wondered to, which is why I created this quiz for everyone to enjoy!

Do you want to know what kind of unicorn you are? Maybe a quiet low profile type, or the sparkly attention seeking type? Thanks to this quiz, you can now know what type of Unicorn you are!

Created by: Lizzy
  1. You believe in Unicorns right?
  2. Day or night?
  3. What Two-Leg(Human) object is most pleasing to your Unicorn eye?
  4. Colour?
  5. You believe your a Unicorn right?
  6. Opinion on Two-Legs?
  7. Horn length?
  8. Coat colour?
  9. Wing colour and size. (For more accuracy choose wings that correspond with your coat!)
  10. What kind do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: What type of Unicorn am I?!