Do you have common sense?

Most people dont know what true comon sense is. They think you have to know 100s of formulas or be super smart to have common sense or to be practical.

Noo, you have to just make good choices based on whats happening. A genius may not have any common sense when he starts his research while a low IQ person might prosper bcoz of his common sense. Take this quiz to find out how much common sense you have.

Created by: Akansha

  1. Okay, ur taking a race and you pass the first person. Which position are you in now?
  2. ur in the race and now you pass the last person, now what position r u in?
  3. okay, Sue has 4 daughters, Mary's sisters names are Sarah, Parah, and Carrah, the fourth daughters name starts with an M. What is her name?
  4. Joe is a butcher who is well built, is 6' 7'' tall and is healthy. What does he weigh?
  5. The next set of questions are related How do you put an elephant in the fridge? And dont say you wouldnt.
  6. How do you put the horse in ? hint only 1 animal fits in the fridge
  7. The lion king calls all the animals to a meeting. One couldn't make it. Which one?
  8. You have to cross a lake how do you? But that lake is the home of boat eating and man eating fish. What do you do
  9. Did you like this quiz Dont be too hard on me - its my first one
  10. Do u think u have common sense

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Quiz topic: Do I have common sense?