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Do you ever wonder how common, common sense really is. This quiz will help you to find out how much of it inhabits you currently!!!!!! I suspect you wont score 100%.

It has been scientifically proven that children have more common sense that adults. Can you be an exception to this statement. Take this quiz to find out...

Created by: Emma

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  1. How can you fit an enormous ostrich into a small chest?
  2. Estimate what you would get if you multiplied 15.99999 and 10001. choose one of theese random numbers.
  3. All of the sides on my SQUARE house face South. Where is it?
  4. If a red house is made of red ants, a purple house is made of purple bananas then what is a blue house made of
  5. If J stands for Jelly and C stands for Chocolate Cake then what does JJCCCJCJ mean
  6. How do you spell Musifc
  7. Pick the largest one
  8. Pick the fullest one
  9. These last ones are just for fun - Say/write the number 6 for 30 seconds then quickly think of a vedgetable.
  10. What percentage do you think you will get?

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