How well do you remember the 80's

Are you truly an 80's retro genius? Try your hand at this totally rad 80's quiz. It will take you back in the day when pants were pegged and jelly shoes were in. We can't forget about the big hair that waved bye bye to everyone have fun testing your 80's knowledge.

Do you qualify as an 80's guru? Test your retro knowledge here. Not everyone taking this quiz got to grow up in the 80's but I'm sure you had siblings or cousins who did or you have even watched the old rerun tv shows. Take this quiz and see how you did you might surprise yourself and really be an 80's retro wanna be

Created by: shawn
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  1. Who had the lead male role in Footloose?
  2. What movie was this line from "Whats a Happening hot stuff"
  3. What band had a hit named MR. Brownstone?
  4. Who was kid DYNOMITE?
  5. What type of watches were really in style in the 80's?
  6. Who was the leading male in Karate kid?
  7. What show was this line from? What you talking about Willis!
  8. What movie had a huge rock on a beach?
  9. What cartoon characters sang this toon? LALALALALA
  10. What kind of cute dolls were so popular?
  11. Finish this 80's song? Take me home tonight-
  12. Who had the hit Girls Girls Girls?
  13. What movie had a scene with a baby ruth candy bar in the swimming pool, where everyone yelled doody doody?
  14. How did we wear our socks?
  15. What is the rest of this song- And you know its true
  16. What is the rest of the name of this movie Fast-
  17. What show was Tooty from?
  18. What was Punkys last name?

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