How well do you know Ninjago?

Warning there may be spoilers for certain people. If you didn't watch Ninjago seasons 1-4 don't take. I repeat if you didn't see Ninjago seasons 1-4 don't take.

Are you a Ninjago master? Take this quizz to find out. Warning again there are spoiler alerts. If anyone shops Ccole and Nya then you suck because its going to be Jay and Nya. Sorry just wanted to get that out there.

Created by: Zane
  1. Who is Lord Garmadon?
  2. Who does Jay have a crush on?
  3. Who is the most powerful ninja?
  4. Is Zane's dad alive?
  5. What is Zane?
  6. Who is Dareth?
  7. Who turns into a Anacondrai in season 4?
  8. ho died at the end of season 3?
  9. Who broke their foot so far in Ninjago?
  10. What is the great devourer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ninjago?