Is your little brother as annoying as mine?

Try to take this test if you think your brother is annoying. I can prove that your brother is good or bad. Just take this test. Very simple. I hope you enjoy.

So, do you think your brother is nice or mean, or even CAILLOU'S CLONE? My brother is about 10, hogs the tv, shouts curse when he doesn't get his way, acts like a king/prince, etc

Created by: This Random Punk

  1. First, what kind of tantrum does he throw?
  2. If he plays Minecraft and loses in the Survival Games, what does he say?
  3. Does he hog the TV?
  4. You watch TV. What does he do when you turn it on?
  5. Does he change the channel to "Garbage Runningham: Ninth Stinky Toilet Ninja" or whatever it is in the middle of a good episode of Spongebob or whatever?
  6. Pick the TV character he is like most
  7. Age?
  8. Does he watch any of these Youtubers?
  9. How many swear words does he know?
  10. Does he throw stuff when mad?
  11. What does your brother do
  12. Does he like cheap or expensive
  13. Who do you think he is?
  14. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Is my little brother as annoying as mine?