Which Pandava brother are you

Mahabharata is one of the world's greatest compositions filled with immense knowledge. The five Pandava brothers were the protagonists of this great tale.

So are you ready to know which Pandava brother you resemble the most? be prepared and enjoy the quiz, but remember a little resemblance to each brother is important. Only then will you become a really good person :)

Created by: Hermione Granger

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you pride yourself upon?
  2. You see a stray animal following you to a party. You...
  3. You see a plate of your favourite dish kept on a table. You...
  4. What is your favourite weapon?
  5. Which sibling are you in your family?
  6. You see a bird on a tree. You...
  7. Pick an object.
  8. You are to go in a 'Go as you like' contest. You dress up as...
  9. If you were exiled, you would...
  10. How do your friends describe you?
  11. If you could have one thing what would you choose?
  12. How difficult to you find it to go against your family?
  13. How much do you value your best friend's opinion?
  14. Finally, who do you want to be?

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