So You Think You Know The Tale of Despereaux?

There are lots of Tale Of Despereaux fans but few Despereaux geniuses. So are you a Despereaux genius? FIND OUT!!!! By taking my Tale Of Despereaux quiz.

Are You A Tale Of Despereaux genius? Is there nobody in this world smarter than you Despereaux wise? Fine out in the next 10 minutes. Are you a genius with the Tale Of Despereaux?

Created by: jonathan marvins
  1. Let's start out easy! What is the princess's name?
  2. Who is Miggery Sow?
  3. In what country does this tale take place?
  4. What animal is Despereaux?
  5. How did the queen die?
  6. What was banned after the queen's death?
  7. Who is Furlough?
  8. They say Despereaux was born with his eyes closed. True or false?
  9. What attracted Despereaux to the princess's room?
  10. How many people are on the Mouse Council? Don't include the most very honored head mouse?
  11. Miggery Sow chops of Despereaux's tail. True or false?
  12. What is the king's name?
  13. Despereaux's mother always sd that Despereaux was such the?
  14. Who was the tricky rat that led Despereaux to the Princess?
  15. Gregory got lost and died in the dungeon because of whom?
  16. Who wrote the book?
  17. After cook frightened Despereaux he ran into the pantry. When he came out what was he covered in?
  18. What is Despereaux's last name?
  19. Who is Horris?
  20. How many chapters is the tale?
  21. What color is Despereaux?
  22. Is Despereaux a girl?
  23. The Tale Of Despereaux was copyrighted in what year?
  24. Where does the author live?
  25. Does The Tale Of Despereaux have an acknowledgements section?
  26. The quiz is over after this question. Rate this quiz with 10 being the best and 1 the worst.

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