How annoying is your sister

A lot of people have annoy sisters but do you have the most annoying of them annoying sister is a sister that thinks their better than you ....

DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ANNOYING SISTER OF THEM ALL after this quiz you will find out if you have a very annoying sister or a kind sweet not so annoying sister.

Created by: George
  1. Does your sister sing or whistle or hum to annoy you?
  2. Does your sister bother your family pet?
  3. Does your sister try to be better than you?
  4. Do you love your sister
  5. Does your sister act like you don't exist
  6. Are you younger than your sister
  7. Does your sister copy your jokes
  8. Is your sister a diva
  9. Is your sister a drams queen
  10. Does your sister always take your things

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Quiz topic: How annoying is my sister