what sailor moon character are you

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come take this quiz to find out your sailor moon character . you can find a lot more new thing about your self or the people you show this video to. all the photos are from google i dont own them

thank you for taking the out of your day to come take this quiz i worked very hard make sure to give me a good rating. i hope you enjoy this quiz😁😁😁

Created by: layla landry

  1. what do you do when your best freinds are about to die and you can excape
  2. what color do you like most color
  3. do you play sports
  4. mamoru (darien) or seiya
  5. pick a number one thru 8
  6. are you a potato or a banana
  7. crystal or original
  8. cat or bat
  9. dubbed vs subbed
  10. love thx

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Quiz topic: What sailor moon character am I