Words of Wisdom

Random words of wisdom basically. Like, I name a random words and then give options for the wisest thing to say or think about. Its quite easy really. Try it. Its worth your time!

You either get wise crack or spacy... Wise crack is good and spacy... is... uh... well... go see a counselor becuse you clearly have some issues! I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but really.

Created by: Chloe
  1. Wise saying about flowers!
  2. Wise saying about gum!
  3. Roaches!
  4. Movies
  5. Sleepover
  6. Girls remind you most about...
  7. Boys remind you most of...
  8. What is the best phrase?
  9. Lamps remind you most of...
  10. Books are best where?

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