This quiz is based on some proverb principles in the bible, the results are fairly honest. . . . . . I hope you enjoy taking this quiz and maybe learn of some things that you can approve on.

Proverbs was written by Solomon, a man that chose wisdom over power and gold and gained the better of the two. He was the wisest person ever to live and his words are absolutely true and packed with wisdom.

Created by: Small

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  1. Do you consider yourself wise?
  2. What do fear and wisdom have in common?
  3. Your elders should be respected.
  4. Wisdom is obeying and listening to people in authority
  5. Wisdom is obeying and listening to people in authority
  6. A good name should be chosen rather than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold.
  7. Courage is ideal to wisdom
  8. Strength,
  9. Wisdom is more
  10. When someone angers you,

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