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There are 2 types of geniuses in this world - people who are very intelligent and people who are bright.Geniuses who are intelligent have common sense and are very knowledgable and those that are bright have intelligence but no common sense.

Are you a bright genious? or your more of an intelligent genius? Do you have the brain prower to qualify for these prstigious titles? Take this Quiz and find out how much of a genius you are! Find out if you are a bright genius or an itelligent genius.

Created by: stacy
  1. When was Christopher Columbus's first voyage
  2. What were the three ships he departed in on his first trip?
  3. How many voyages did he go on?
  4. Some places Columbus discovered are:
  5. The Arawaks were :of short to medium height, well shaped, but slightly built, except in Hispaniola where they were plump
  6. Their skin
  7. Their heads were flattened at the foreheads as babies when the skull was bound between two boards. This elongated head was considered as a :
  8. The Arawaks were subsistence farmers:
  9. Seasoning played a big part in food preparation.
  10. The Arawak society was hierarchical and pacific. Each Arawak village was the home of related people who obeyed a hereditary headman or chieftain. The family life was reflected in daily village life. Property, land, food, canoes and tools belonged to everyone in common.
  11. Caciques was not treated with great respect and looked on as the father of the people, whom he ruled with gentleness, courtesy, and firmness, for all villagers had to obey his commands.
  12. What was heavan known as?
  13. The Arawaks had two types of houses:
  14. What is a duho?
  15. What is the basis of the arawak religion?
  16. WHen did Columbus discover Jamaica?
  17. What nationality was Christopher Columbus?
  19. What was the first settlement he founded?
  20. How many ships did Columbus leave with on the second voyage?
  21. What were some of the things he introduced to the Caribbean?

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