Are you an Oklahoman Eastsider?

This is a quiz about the area of Oklahoma City that I grew up in. If your not from here you probably will not understand allot of these question. It was designed for fun and enjoyment. The Eastside of Oklahoma is full of wonderful colorful characters that I have developed a great deal of affection for. Hell I am one of em!

Are you an Eastsider? Were you raised by the zoo? Did you play basketball in the summer at the Douglass recreational center? Did you play “Little League” football, baseball with the T-Birds? Did you used to sneak into Mr. Lands nightclub? Do you call Horace’s Supper club Hoe-Races? Did you ever go to the Glass Key? Do you remember the nightclub Generations? Remember when Prince Hall was running things? Do you go to the Boley Rodeo? Did you go to some social event that was held in the Remington Park Ballroom??? Oklahoma City folks! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL PLACE

Created by: EastsideBreed

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  1. Where is the only place you can hear a concert for free?
  2. What liquor store do you go to?
  3. Where are you at every Sunday night in the summer
  4. Where can you buy a drink and not even have to pay to get into the club?
  5. Where do you get liquor after 2 A.M.???
  6. What schools Homecoming do you go to every year but have never taking a class there?
  7. Whats so special about Bo-Bo's chicken???
  8. How many lanes does the street have in front of the club Chicago's?
  9. Who got the best Bar-B-Que???
  10. What will you find in club Casanova's on a Friday or Sunday night?
  11. In the 90's what did PHV stand for??
  12. Where do you get your hair care products from?
  13. Have you ever got dressed up to go the "The Let Out"?
  14. What is "The Let Out"?????
  15. Who makes the best doughnuts???
  16. Do you have Indian in your family?
  17. What you sippin on?????
  18. What does E and J brandy stand for??
  19. Who plays in the Soul Bowl?
  20. How many times in a week do you get approached at a gas station to buy a CD or a DVD?
  21. Where did you go on National Ditch Day????

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Quiz topic: Am I an Oklahoman Eastsider?