Are you Oklahoman?

This is an Okie-knowledge test, since GoToQuiz needed at least one more. There are no questions about Texas- what does it have to do with Oklahoma, after all?

How much do you know about Oklahoma? And how much of an Oklahoman are you? If you've lived there all your life, you should get most of these. If not, then a fraction, unless the laws of chance are against you.

Created by: morse
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  1. Turner Falls is what?
  2. The first thing you associate with Bob's Pig Shop is:
  3. What major event is held at the Tumbleweed each year?
  4. Where is Cloudy?
  5. For which of the following would you WANT to go to Enid?
  6. Where might you find buffalo (bison) chili?
  7. Where might you pick up hourglass (selenite) crystals?
  8. State Drink?
  9. For an artesian well, travelers might stop north of the:
  10. What is a Rendezvous?
  11. Cow Punch?
  12. What is unusual about the County Line BBQ of Okc, besides the building's previous use?
  13. What's so special about an iron door in the Wichitas?
  14. The house of rocks:
  15. In general, what color is the dirt?

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Quiz topic: Am I Oklahoman?