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  • This was SO confusing. I've lived in the good ol' Boomer State my whole got dang life, and I didn't understand a single question. Except for the one about Rendezvous 'cause my dad has an apron from that place, Lol

  • Ummm....I have lived in Oklahoma all my damn life, so I am sssooo confused..........s o what, I'm a damn blonde. I also got suspended every day in Pre-K! BTW, that was NOT a threat....seriously . Do not mess with my beautiful (and sexy) hair!

  • I've lived in Oklahoma all my life & I had to google most of this crap!! Wow...I feel inadequate ;)

  • I was born and raised in Oklahoma and the quiz says I am from New York. HA! too funny!

  • GO ANTLERS!!!! ANTLERS IS THE BEST!!! Not sayin that I live there or anything. *smiles sarcasticly*

    LOVER princess

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