Just How Oklahoman Are You Really?

Regardless of where you live, we all have a little Oklahoman inside of us. With this quiz, you can find out just how much of Oklahoma is in you, and how you would fare compared to real Oklahomans.

This quiz touches on all areas that would determine how "Oklahoman" you are, from ethics, politics, to what you like to do for fun, to your knowledge of Oklahoma. All these factors combined will let you know: just how much of an Oklahoman are you really?

Created by: Zack
  1. Which is worse?
  2. What is the Bedlam?
  3. What are your views on abortion?
  4. Miami, Oklahoma:
  5. Who is Will Rogers?
  6. Which of the following is NOT the name of an indian tribe headquartered in Oklahoma?
  7. What word do you use to describe what kind of drink Pepsi is?
  8. George W. Bush is a...
  9. What is Turner Falls?
  10. How much of Oklahoma would you say is covered by forests, according to the U.S. Government?
  11. How often do you go to Wal-Mart?
  12. Wal-Mart: (pick the sentence that best applies to you)
  13. Where is Eskimo Joes?
  14. Have you ever heard of a cow chip throwing contest?
  15. Which of these words sound the same when you say them? Don, Dawn; Cot, Caught; Hick, Heck.
  16. What is a Sooner?
  17. If a strange man breaks into your house with a weapon, is it ok to shoot him?
  18. What is your view on gay marriage?
  19. What religion do you most identify with?
  20. "Discoveryland" is most associated with:
  21. Out of the following, which do you do the most:
  22. How often do you wave at other cars while driving?
  23. What political person would you rather vote for?
  24. What word do you use to describe what Pepsi is?

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Quiz topic: Just How Oklahoman am I Really?