How Scottsdale are you?

There are a lot of people who say that they're from Scottsdale, Arizona, yet few truly understand what it takes to really BE Scottsdale. Too few of us are proud of where we are from and aren't afraid of saying "hey, i'm from scottsdale, i dont care if you think i'm a snob"

Are you Scottsdale? Can you shop and spend with the best? Do you let insults roll off your back (cuz you know you're better and they're just jealous)? Here's a quiz to test how scottsdale you really are.

Created by: Rebecca
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  1. you think of the phoenix area as one thing, and scottsdale as its own separate section
  2. You can drive to Fashion Square with your eyes closed
  3. It's your 16th birthday, what do you hear the most?
  4. How do people react when you say you're from scottsdale?
  5. What does your school parking lot look like?
  6. How many times do we hear about our city in tv/movies?
  7. its friday morning in high school, what is commonly being sold in the halls?
  8. What is the most important reason to patron the Pavillions?
  9. Whats a really annoying change to driving in scottsdale?
  10. What city mentality are we the most like?

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Quiz topic: How Scottsdale am I?