do you get jelaous easily?

Many people can get jealous at little things,so find out if you are one of those people who do get jealous at almost everything. Some people don't get very jealous at everthing. Some people only get jealous every now and then,which is a good thing. i guess. SO take this quiz and see if your a jealous person or not.Good luck.

Are you jealous? Do you get jealous by the little things that go on in your life? Well thanks to this quiz, you can see if your a jealsous person or not.

Created by: jennifer
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  1. Do you get mad at your g/f or b/f if they where hanging out with the oppiste sex?
  2. Your boyfriend or girlfriend just got paired up in science with his or her ex.How do you react to this?
  3. Your g/f or b/f was just talking to thier ex in the hall way. how do you react?
  4. your girlfriend or boyfriend is talking to your best friend who is the oppiste sex as him/her.what do you do?
  5. If your best friend is talking to the new kid in school and she/he is ignoring do you react?
  6. your best friend saved his/her bf/gf a seat in the lunchroom. but he/she didn't save you a seat.and there is no more you ahve to sit on the do you react to this?
  7. do you think you get jealous easily?
  8. Your best friend got their gf/bf a birthday present and he/she didn't get you do you react?(the gf/bf's birthday is the same day as yours)
  9. Your friend has more friends than you get jealous over that?
  10. Do you get jealous over your friend haveing the hottest fashion tips?

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Quiz topic: Do I get jelaous easily?