Are You A Jealous Girlfrend?

Snooping in his e mail, checkin is call history, askin where hes been. these are the signs of a jealous girlfriend...are you one of these divious chicka??

Are you a Jealous type girl friends that does trust their man at all or do you have trust for your baby?? You and youe boyfrinds desere to know you jealousy status take this quiz to find out!!!!!

Created by: Breya
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  1. When your guy promises he'll call, but does you.......
  2. When you see your guy talkin to another guy at a party you..
  3. You see your guy give his ex a
  4. You're walkin down the hall with your guy and you spot him lookin in the direction of the custest girl in school you....
  5. Your guy is going to a track meet, you know his ex is on the track team so you..
  6. You overhear your guy talking to his friends about how much he loves a girl. you....
  7. You find a phone number written on a slip of paper in your boyfriends pocket. You.....
  8. You think you should be the apple of your guys eye at all times...
  9. Do you think your guy has the right to 'joke' around with his ex?
  10. Does you and your guys ex get along??

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Quiz topic: Am I A Jealous Girlfrend?