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These are meaningful lyrics: I got birds in my ears And a devil on my shoulder And a phone to the other And I can't get a hold of her And what's a crush to do? What's a crush to do?

These are meaningful lyrics: I'm obsessed and stressed with this mess I can't think of things To write down, to type down And these fingertips are moving faster than these lips So you can only imagine how jealous my mouth is So you can only imagine how jealous my mouth is

Created by: Sandi
  1. Who sings "Not good enough for the truth in cliche"?
  2. Who is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy?
  3. How many albums does Three Days Grace have?
  4. Who's Miley Cyrus's best friend?
  5. Is playing lead guitar easy when the bass is playing a totally opposite tune?
  6. Where did music first come from?
  7. Which is better, rock or rap?
  8. Which song (by Three Days Grace) has the lyrics "I feel so much better now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all"?
  9. Which instrument is better: bass guitar or cello?
  10. How do you strum high pitched notes on a guitar?
  11. Is writing a song hard?
  12. Which is more important in a song: the lyrics or the beat?

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