How Weird are you?

TADA: Another Quiz by Demeter Scythe!!!! And Yes my real name Is Demeter. But no, not Scythe. I just felt like adding that. Yay! Anyways, How weird are you?

Really though How weird? like 50%. It takes talent to be 100% or 0%. Please be honest! Hope you like your answer! Have fun in life! -đŸ™‹Demeter Scythe!

Created by: Demeter Scythe
  1. Are you Nerdy?
  2. Do you like ODD things?
  3. Choose one
  4. Choose another one.
  5. What kinda cake???
  6. What cheese?
  7. I SCREAM FOR *what* ICE CREAM!!!?
  8. What clothes?
  9. What game?
  10. What meal is your absolute favorite?

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Quiz topic: How Weird am I?