Dead life story2

Hey people, what's up? Anyways sorry this took so long. Our teacher gave us homework. And other things etc. I hope you like it!!!! Well I don't think it's that good.

I think it'd weird!!!! Well comment if you like and I put more Paul into it. Their is not a lot of the other guys "SORRY" ok have a good day.!!!! Me out.

Created by: singin234

  1. "Ryan...what do you mean?" you ask him. Your a little scared. "I am the prince" he tells you. You say "If this is a joke... I am not laughing" he looks at you then kisses you closing his grey that spark. You close your eyes to then pull away "RYAN!!!! what in the...." you started. his hair was dark brown. He was cute. He look at him self you huged you. "thanks ---, and call me Ty" he said. "Wait the movie" you say. "oh no" Ty says. You get tothe movies and the movies over. Carter, Dust and Bryan are walking out not very happy. "--- and person" Carter runs over and hugs you. Dust comes over too. "I am so sorry" you tell them. Bryan over now. "Who's this. And where is Ryan" Bryan asked
  2. you dont know what to say but than Ty helps "he died. i tryed to save him but i could only save ~~~" ty lied to make him look like a good guy
  3. you roll your eyes,. bryan looked at the ground. "the guy was a loser but he didn't mean to die" bryan said sadness in his eyes. Ty decide that "come on people we have had a big day. ~~~ you can come to to my house for the night and so can you guys." so you all go to his place. its so big, "wow" you say. they laugh "~~~ i need to tell you something" carter tells you. "i am the prince of the SEA" carter continued, "and i am the the prince of the SKY" dust confirm. Carter and Bryan were more shocked than you. "And i am the prince of fire" Bryan said. you were so shocked that you passed out
  4. you wake up to see ty, bryan, carter, dust and...PAUL? "why is paul here? is lace?" you asked. the boys leave but not paul. "i need to talk to you" he said. you nod aand say "i guessed" he leans in
  5. his face nearly leaning on you. his breath cool. you lean back and say "what are you doing?" a smile crosses his face. "lace and i are over" he says leaning in again. " and i care why?" you ask him. he leans back. "because i wanted you to know. Lace told me what she thought about you" he tells you cooly. you look at him and bite your lip. "i want to know. but some part dosent." you tell him. he lean in AGAIN this time his forehead leaning against yours. "she hated your guts. she wanted to kill you and when i kissed you. she made kiss you so you looked like a boyfriend stealer. but it didn't work" he tells you. a tear runs down your face. Paul leans back and wipes it away. and you stare into his mixed grey and blue eyes. he runed his fingers though his dirty blond hair.
  6. "your sick" you tell anger in your eyes. WHO DOSE HE THINK HE IS? firting with another girl after a break up? "i guessed your would say that.BUT she broke up with me. i cant help it ok.i love you" he says. your heart beats faster. than Carter comes in "dinner" he tells you. he walks out than comes in "i forgot! dress up for it!" Carter tells you. than paul and carter go out.
  7. you walk down in what you said. they all like it. but theirs another guy their 2.....
  8. who do you want?
  9. thanks for takeing it. i want to know if you like it so plz comment. as i said in this last one if i dont ask for comments i wont get any!!!
  10. bye people

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