The Enchanted Forest chronicles

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles is a amazing series about a Princess who doesn't want to be a princess any more. she runs away and has misadventure. I loved the series so much I wrote a quiz.

the quiz is not hard, especially if you recently read the series, but if you never read it you might not be able to make it to 50%. If you want to read it the auther is Patricia C. Wrede. Good Luck!

Created by: DragonLover

  1. who gave Cimorene directions to the dragon cave?
  2. what plant was Antorell picking?
  3. how do you melt wizards?
  4. why was the rack missing from the dungeon under the North North-West tower?
  5. what did Telemain do when he saw the pattern on Cimorene and Mendanbar's broken-down carpet.
  6. did Cimorene say yes when Mendanbar asked her to marry him
  7. what were all nine names of Morwen's cats?
  8. what was the name of the Firewitch Cimorene and Morwen met.
  9. how did Morwen free Cimorene from the freezing spell?
  10. who did Daystar's mother teach him to be polite to.
  11. What did the Princess that Daystar met tell him
  12. how did Daystar know/find out that Mendanbar was his father
  13. how many books are there in the series
  14. what letter was in every title
  15. how much time passed between book one and book two

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