So, You Think You're a Roleplayer?

Throughout the course of internet history there have been roleplayers and then there have been ROLEPLAYERS. "Enchanted After All" is currently seeking the latter, which begs the question: Which are YOU?

Take the quiz to find out if you make the cut for "Enchanted After All's" elite ROLEPLAYER status, and gain access to an even more coveted item: our site's address!

Created by: Christ
  1. Your character is a Slytherin graduate from a (still) elitist Pureblood family. They're in love with one of their coworkers, a muggleborn Hufflepuff whom they met only briefly at their new job at the Irish ministry. The Hufflepuff graduate is funny, friendly, and helped your character to feel more at ease in their new position. However, there is still the shadow of your character's long-time flame, a fellow Slytherin graduate from a wealthy family whom their family expects them to marry, to contend with. What does your character do when someone approaches them unawares in the library?
  2. What colour are your character's eyes?
  3. What's your character's distant past like?
  4. How old are you?
  5. You think describing the weather...
  6. Back at Hogwarts, your character...
  7. What are your feelings on Twilight?
  8. In a cage fight, who would win: the vampires in "True Blood" or Twilight?
  9. Do you have a sense of humor?
  10. And you thought that was the last question! Finally, would you be interested in a quirky, AU HP site?

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