Are you a crazy fan?

There are a lot of different fans out there. Are you a crazy one? This was created so fans like you could find out! Please take this quiz and find out.

Have you ever wondered how crazy a fan you are? Maybe you have but you don't have any way to find out. Now you do! Take this quick quiz and you will know!

Created by: alyk4321
  1. Do you have at least 5 posters with this celebrity's face on it?
  2. Have you seen all his/her movies?
  3. If we went on date we would go _____.
  4. Do you have his/her lines memorized?
  5. Do you know his/her middle name?
  6. Do you know his/her pets name?
  7. Are you a stalker of what he/she does?
  8. Do you know who his/her first TV show?
  9. Are they a good actor/actress?
  10. Do you think you are a good fan? (This doesn't effect your score.)

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Quiz topic: Am I a crazy fan?