Are you has crazy as me and my friends?

Do you think your friends are crazy? cuz i bet you mine are crazier. but hey if you wanna find out if you guys compare to us then try but i think were crazier ;)

Find out if your friends are: as crazy, almost as crazy, or not as crazy as me and my friends.

Created by: luv98

  1. you and your friends sit near eachother in math, one of your friends has rly lame jokes, where does she/he get them from?
  2. is one of your friends a stalker (not a real one, just some1 who is obseesed with who they like)
  3. So you and your friends go to the movies then after the movies you go to sit in the mcdonals across the parking lot (ik it sounds weird but just go with it) and one of your friends spit ice cream all over the table. why did they spit the ice cream?
  4. one day your friend took your friend and decided to txt your other friend, but txted the wrong person. what did the txt say?
  5. is your friend(s) scared of your dog? (because of its eyes)
  6. wen your frineds decorate your locker for your birthday wat kind of rapping paper do they use?
  7. are you and your friends superhero's?
  8. you and your friends go out to eat for you birthday, you have your camera so you guys have a...
  9. so you go out to eat with your friends and then you guys decides to go to the movies, on the ride to the movies your friends mom/dad turns on the radio and you guys all
  10. do you and your friend talk about how youre all crazy?

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Quiz topic: Am I has crazy as me and my friends?