Girls: Does he like you? (Even if he's shy)

There he is: that one guy who you've been thinking about all day. He makes your heart go crazy; and you've got a feeling that you do the same to his! Have you ever wanted to find out?

Maybe your friends have told you that he likes you. Maybe it was HIS friends. Maybe you just have a feeling. Well, justify your feeling, and back it up with some proof! Take this quiz and you'll know for sure

Created by: Christine
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  1. Are you friends with him?
  2. Does he ever tease/bully you?
  3. Does he go out of his way to talk to you (like he could be going to class and you could be going to your locker, and he sees you and acts like he forgot something at his locker, turns around, and "just then" notices you and starts talking)
  4. Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  5. Have you ever...
  6. When you talk/hug/etc, who usually starts the convo or who's the first person to hug?
  7. Do you two have a history together?
  8. Does he tell you things he thinks are cool?
  9. Does he treat you differently than other girls?
  10. How does he act around you?
  11. Does he but into your convos a lot (like if you're telling somebody that you got a tetanus shot, and he comments about how they hurt or something)
  12. Have you been mean to him in the past?
  13. Does he bring up something you've said in the past?
  14. Body language can be a dead giveaway of how a guy feels about you- he's often in no control over it, just like when you often catch yourself naturally looking at him, or have your body turned in his direction, and stuff like that. What's his like around you?
  15. Does he complement you?

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