does your boyfriend want it to last

there are many people who have boyfriends a boyfriend is a girls lover who girls basicly love and each boy has a diffrent personality they also get you things you want

but is your boyfriend the one or not time to find out take thease simple questions no more of your wondering beacuse all you girls out there this is the quiz for you

Created by: alice

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  1. he makes a effort to chat everyday even if it's only a quick text
  2. he's started hanging with his gal pals a bit more than usual
  3. he wants to take some time to think about your relationship
  4. he likes to hold your hand in public so people know your together
  5. he pulls away if you try to kiss him or hug him in public
  6. he gets annoyed about silly things like disagreeing on what movie you see
  7. he gives you little unexpected gifts like chocolate or sweet cards
  8. he switches his email password even though he gave it to you last week
  9. he won't be your boyfriend beacuse he says that he dosen't like lables
  10. he remembers the tiny details like your first pets name
  11. he changes the subject when you try to make plans for next month
  12. he's suddenly really busy and doesen't return your calls
  13. he's introduced you to all his friends and family as his girlfriend
  14. he takes a while to repond to your i.m's even though he's online
  15. he'll cancle plans last minute or even stand you up

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Quiz topic: Does my boyfriend want it to last