Does He Like Someone Else?

Boys will be boys! Right? Well at least that's what I always heard. Do you think its true that whole saying boys like you if there mean to you? But what about if they completely ignore you?

Is your boyfriend cheating on you? Or thinking about other girls? Or do you believe your boyfriend would never do that to you in a million years? Take this Quiz and find out if he is faithful to you!

Created by: emma kathryn :)
  1. When you're out in public he ...
  2. Does he text, call, or talk to other girls a lot?
  3. How often does he take you out?
  4. Does he tell you, your beautiful?
  5. Have you ever seen him cheat on you.
  6. Does he tell you he loves you?
  7. What does he say when you tell him you love him.
  8. How long have you like/loved him?
  9. Do his friends know your dating?
  10. Last question do you think he is cheating on you or likes someone else?

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