Frozen Fire: A love story

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There are 5 boys in your new school that have fallen for you. You have to pick one. This isn't going to be easy. Two are like twins and the rest are completely different.

In case you are wondering, I am aware of the fact that two of my characters are youtubers. All these boys have one thing in common... you. Shout out to my bae Becca. Stay sweet Beccamacado xx

Created by: Japanese_Potato

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  1. This is my first RP quiz. Please comment on the quality
  2. You walk out of the front door and cross the road. Thoughts raced around your head, draining focus from your mind. You shook the fear from your head and looked ahead. You will not let anything get in your way. New school, new people, new start. You breathed in and out calmly, and you face the gates of Ivywood High.
  3. You walk through the gates, excitement and nervousness building up in your stomach. The grounds were huge. Much bigger than your old school. This was it. Time to renew life. You walk across the car park and see a black car pull up behind you. You jump onto the pavement and slowly walk away. You hear car doors slam and voices of boys. Loud laughing and clapping. An unexpected silence fell, making you uncomfortable. Then, out of nowhere, a blonde boy placed his hand awkwardly on your shoulder. You jump, making him gasp sharply. You see slight fear in his brown eyes. You immediately feel sympathy for him. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you..." He said in a shaky voice you smiled, glad that he broke the silence. "It's fine. I'm new here, so I'm a little nervous as it is" You say, making clear eye contact with him for the first time.
  4. He smiles, showing brilliant white teeth. "I know exactly how you feel! How about I introduce you to my friends. They'll help you around!" He leads you back to the black car, where four other boys are standing. You blush, noticing that they are all staring at you. The blonde boy speaks again. "I forgot! My name is Peter!" He holds out his hand. "Elouise," you say, taking his hand and shaking it slowly. A boy that was leaning against the car smiles as he stands up straight. "Pretty name for a pretty girl, eh boys?" You blush harder as the brown haired boy walks toward you. "I think we should introduce ourselves, she's a keeper!" He laughs a little and holds his hand out. "I'm Dan, and this is Tyler." He says pointing to another blonde boy. "Hey there!" He says. The other two stand up. A black-haired boy sat on the bonnet of the car. "I'm Jason.." The other boy smiled slightly. "Phil, and it's nice to meet you Elouise." Something was edgy about his voice that was unlike the others.
  5. You smile at them all. "I'm new here... it's really big!" You say awkwardly. Dan and Phil smile and exchange glances. Jason laughs and walks toward you. "Yes, it's big, but you'll get used to it." He placed his hand on your shoulder and smiled. "Allow us to show you around."
  6. So, the boys showed you around the school. Dan put his arm around you as you walked, Tyler made you laugh and Jason smiled like crazy. Phil and Peter explained things you didn't understand, and if you sat down, they argued over who sat next to you. You were laughing whilst Tyler and Jason shoved each other, when the bell rang. The boys rolled their eyes and dispersed, leaving you and Phil. You glanced at your timetable. Science, the one thing you are goo d at! Phil looked over your shoulder and smiled. "So you're with me!"
  7. You walk into the classroom with Phil by your side. Everyone turns around to look at you. You feel incredibly uncomfortable. You find two empty desks side by side, and Phil sits next to you. The teacher walks in moments later and notices you. "Ah, you must be Elouise. welcome to Ivywood high." He glances around the room. "Can I have a volunteer to look after Elouise?" Phil's hand shot up like a firework. "Phil, I'm glad you are so enthusiastic. Please take good care of her." Phil nodded, smirking slightly.
  8. As class goes on, Phil explains things like how Mr.Winsdall expects you to behave. Sir silences the class and holds up a stack of paper. "This is your first test! Elouise, just have a go!" As he hands out he tests, you get excited, as it's focusing on Physics, the best subject.
  9. You finish really fast. You don't tell sir as it might cause some trouble. You watch Phil struggle. You take his test paper from him and finish three questions for him. He smiles thankfully and goes back to his test. *Later* You can't find the rest of the boys anywhere so you stick with Phil. He shows you all the best places to go in the courtyard. You sit beside him and open your lunch. "Wow you're so lucky" He says, a smirk creepin upon his face. You make eye contact, and it feels like your heart is opening. He leans forward so that you can feel his breath against your face. You wrap your hands around his neck and..... CLIFFHANGER!!
  10. Please comment and tell me how to improve and what to do next.

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