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A handsome boy do you want it-> or do you want a tidy and romantic boy that looks really businesslike WITH GLASSES i am asking it to you !!! there a somuch handsome boys with glasses but if girls heard glasses they run away.

There are people with glasses most of them are the boys -> are they handsome YES they are sometimes handsome but can you love one of them ? can you excel you heart ?

Created by: mister E

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  1. What do you thinking about guys or boys with glasses ?
  2. Do you want to chill with him ?
  3. Dare you to say : take your glasses down.
  4. Can you buy or help him to buy new glasses
  5. When he is older then 18 and he won a ticket to laser his eyes (to replace...), must he go or not
  6. If you see someone with glasses (handsome boy), do you quick think OOh thats nothing for me
  7. Do you looking for a heart or a handsome boyfriend
  8. Part 1 : Six pack, handsome face, beautiful body and he's longer then me (only for the people they chosen handsome)
  9. Part 2 : Glasses to businesslike, Nead/tidy/trim, clean, romantic and a heart (only for the people they chosen heart
  10. You met this boy in 2013 when he did wear glasses -> you don't like him and bullying him... In 2014 he don't wear glasses and he is really handsome and he have a heart + he's romantic (romeo) . What do you do if you love him in 2014?

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